The Podcast Standards Project is working to preserve open podcasting, and we do this in open environments. Most of our work will take place on GitHub. Join us on GitHub or connect on Twitter @PodStandards.

Podcast Standards Certified
PSP Certification

PSP Certification recognizes companies that are prioritizing open podcasting technology.

The certification process involves updating the certification request document on our GitHub with all the requested information. Someone from the community will then peer review the application to confirm all of the requirements are met. Once approved, the newly certified partner will receive permission to display the PSP Certified badge on their website, app preview, trade-show booth, or anywhere else. We will also display your logo on the PSP website and link it to your website.

The requirements for certification are living and will evolve over time. The current requirements will always be listed at the top of the certification request document on GitHub. All certified parties must re-qualify each calendar year to maintain their certified status. There is no charge for PSP Certification.


To Adam Curry and Dave Winer, we thank you. Everything podcasting is today has evolved from your genius. This project exists to better understand and protect your gift to the world — open podcasting.

To the folks working on Podcasting 2.0, we thank you. This project, launched by Adam Curry and Dave Jones, has proven that there is a strong community of podcast enthusiasts that are willing to put agendas aside for the greater good. If you’re wondering where the innovation in the podcast space is happening, Podcasting 2.0 is the answer.

Lastly, at Podcast Movement in the summer of 2022, a group of people actively building technology for podcasters realized a lot of us shared the same concerns about podcasting remaining open. This group decided to launch an open project to advocate for and protect open podcasting. To everyone that helped get this project started, we are grateful.

Alberto Betella (Co-founder at, Ben Richardson (Co-founder at, Cameron Moll (VP of Design at Buzzsprout), Charles Wiltgen (Creator of Podbase validator), Chris Quamme Rhoden (Principal Engineer at Acast), Craig Hewitt (Founder at Castos), Dan Benjamin (Founder at Fireside), Ellie (Yael) Rubinstein (Lead at Pocket Casts), Johan Billgren (Co-founder at Acast), John Spurlock (Founder at OP3), John W. Gibbons (President + CPO at Libsyn), Jon Buda (Co-founder at Transistor), Joshua Blankenship (Designer at Blankenship Workshop), Justin Jackson (Co-founder at Transistor), Kerry Tracy (Podbean), Kevin Finn (Co-founder at Buzzsprout), Kieran McKeefery (Co-founder at Captivate), Mark Asquith (Co-founder at Captivate), Matt Chowning (Pocket Casts Android Developer at Automattic), Mike Dell (VP of Customer Relations at Blubrry), Mike Kadin (Founder at RedCircle), Rob Greenlee (Founder at Spoken Life Media), Taylor Kirch (Director, Product Management at Libsyn), Todd Cochrane (Founder at Blubrry), Tom Rossi (Co-founder at Buzzsprout)

Feed Validation

PSP feed validation is coming soon